20 October 2014

Twenty-One Days of No Yelling Day 2

Today was not as active but I came closer to yelling than I did yesterday.

My kid was being very demanding and impatient, two of the things I'm really bad at dealing with ordinarily. We spend most of our time together so he's accustomed to getting my attention on demand. When anyone or anything else wants my attention, he MUST intervene.

Phone calls are hard, conversations (even if I'm talking to my husband, his father) are hard, trying to read a book or something on the computer or my phone is hard. He simply has to be the center of my world or he will be as obnoxious as possible until I pay attention to him.

He ran the gambit today from constantly demanding very specific foods, making me cook more than I had the energy for, to being as loud as possible during an entire conversation with a friend, to just throwing things.

But I didn't yell.

At the end of the day, when everyone was gone and he'd eaten and saw that I'd finished eating too, he very sweetly said, "Mommy, do you think you can come up in my room and play with me?"

"Of course, baby."

We played with his Playmobil sets and made up random stories for them to act out.

It was fun and after getting my undivided attention for a while doing what he wanted to do, he did his bedtime routine without any of his typical stall tactics or whining complaints.

Day 2 ended with no yelling.

18 October 2014

Twenty-One Days of No Yelling Day 1

Today we left the house on time only to wait an hour for a bus that never came. But we managed to get another one going mostly the same way, so fine.

Luckily I decided to pack the 24 hour urine sample that I was taking to the lab very well on ice in a cooler bag or I would've wasted that whole sample (about a half gallon, literally). 

Walking the mile or so to the hospital to deliver the sample and get a ton of blood work done, and the kiddo is already fussy and tired from waiting for the bus, but as soon as we walked into the lab a group of kids were playing and said "Do you wanna play with us?" Kiddo fully entertained.

He had one meltdown when a kid wasn't sharing the Play-Doh, but I gently talked him down without incident.

The tech had to stick me twice to fill all the vials but she was incredibly gentle.

The kiddo and I had to walk about 2 more miles to get lunch since again, the bus wouldn't come (I usually love walking and can walk for miles but right now it's a bit much). To keep him entertained we stopped and took photos of interesting mushrooms.

After lunch we still had to wait about 30 mins for a bus, while halfway listening to a racist woman berate everyone who isn't Black, especially those on the bus stop with us. I managed to hold my temper only because I realized no one was paying her any mind, including the kiddo who put his head in my lap and hummed theme songs.

As soon as we got home, the kiddo left for a play date with his bestie and I did absolutely NOTHING but sit, eat, and watch 7 episodes of The Walking Dead. Score!

Fixed 2 quick but healthy dinners for me and the kiddo and now he's upstairs doing his bedtime routine and whistling theme songs (he's really big on theme songs).

I did not yell once. Not even a little bit.

I can do this.

04 October 2014

kendi guess what?

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13 August 2014

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