Greetings and welcome.

This is my new home. Don't worry, it has been properly smudged with sage and the nag champa is presently blessing the space. There's some cookies in the oven, a special batch just for the grown folk, and the coffee and tea are brewing. Sit a spell.

Let me put this up front, what I do is tell stories. I'm a storyteller. I mostly tell stories about my own life experiences and how it pertains to the world we exist in. If I'm giving advice, it's in a "this has worked for me" sense, not a "what you need to do" sense. There's a difference. But my stories are true to me and my life, or have been researched to the best of my ability at the time that I'm sharing it. That's my disclaimer.

Since this home is new, you may have visited me at one of my previous places. If so, welcome back Family! I hope this spot feels just as cozy to you. To add some familiarity, I've decided the best way to introduce myself is through the ways I've already done. Because while I am starting over in many ways, I am always just a continuation of who I was yesterday, the sum of all my parts, and I'm very happy and loving of the parts I've shared so far.

And yes, this is my poetic and lazy ass way of saying I'd rather share all my links than type one more bio about myself. Seriously.

This is us! We were featured in Baltimore's Child magazine! "Homeschooling Goes Mainstream"


The love of my life and partner in crime, Mar, took this photo of us at our family reunion in the summer of 2016. I was looking at the playground where our older son was playing with cousins.  It's one of my favorite photos.

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