Keep Little Hands Busy Over Winter Break


Winter break is coming and little hands get bored! If those tiny fingers need a break after tearing wrapping paper, or need to warm up after throwing snowballs, it helps to have some fun but basic sit-down activities to do.


Help your little one develop her fine motor skills with this winter words tracer worksheet. Be sure to check out more early learning activities at!



Build a PUPPY IN A PRESENT! The great thing about this puppy under the tree is that it won't make ANY messes! Ha ha!

The LEGO lover in your life will love this build from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.


Maybe your kids just can’t get enough snow, or maybe it never snows where you live. Either way, your kids will love this FAKE SNOW that just takes two ingredients to make!! Parents will love the quick and easy clean up.
Learn How to Make Snow and lots of other great activities on

Find more fun on

What Wintertime activities does your family like to do? Do you have favorite traditions? Tell me what makes your winter break amazing (and share some photos too!).

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