Y’all, These Last Three Days!

First, Happy Black History Month. Acknowledge that shit. Do some reading. Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. Learn. 


Second, this is my current mood. I am a turtle yearning to pull into her shell. Well, after stocking up on weed, red wine, new books, and chocolate chip cookies. It’s been a crazy week actually, due in no small part to getting this website and daily vlogging deal going. This is harder than I thought, why didn’t y’all warn me!? 

Anyways, I was on babysitting duty Tuesday and Wednesday, and today was just over it all and borderline homicidal. But Mar, my love and partner for life, reminded me that I’m doing this for a reason and told me he has faith that I can make it happen. He never knows how much his words affect me.

But in all that I only managed a hodgepodge of moments that I cobbled into a weirdly long video. And here it is:

With a bonus ridiculously long monologue by me, just because. 

Cooking Truffula Trees