Long Walk, Longer Day

We’re an unschooling family practicing Self-Directed Learing. Not just the kids but my partner and I, many of our skills are self-taught. We’ve been spending more time with other unschooling and homeschooling families which is excellent. 


Today we went to a mini birthday party for our co-op coordinator and good friend Mama Olu! The co-op is called Free Up Baltimore Homeschool Co-op for African Centered Families. It’s currently housed in a location about 2 1/2 miles away and we walk it. But since winter’s been doing it’s thingvit was our first time doing that walk in months. The party was super cute and some journalists from The Real News Network interviewed me and Olu on alternative education in Baltimore. It was a lot of fun!

Then later in the evening the big boy randomly got sick.

It was a long day.